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Two Levels of Residential Comfort: Portable vs. Standby

Portable 7-10kW - Generators in this range provide enough power for basics like lighting, refrigerator, TV, computers, etc. Use our Automatic Wattage Calculator below to properly size your needs and see if a portable unit will work for you.

The appliances can be directly plugged into the generator (which is kept outside) with a long extension cord, or the generator can be plugged into a transfer switch through an outside inlet box, which is connected to the home electrical panel This is then designed to power only the appliances/areas that have been pre-wired into the panel - it's pretty cool!

Standby 11-22kW - Generators in this range provide extra comfort and control for the essential and high powered appliances you want to power such as central air conditioning, heat pumps, well pumps, stoves and more.

These generators are permanently wired into the homes electrical panel through an automatic transfer switch, and will come on automatically the moment they sense an electrical outage. In addition, they are usually connected to a Natural Gas/propane source and can run for days or continually without any need for additional fuel - these are really cool!

Total Cost: $1500 - $3500
....fully Installed-learn more
Total Cost: $3800 - $9400
...fully installed-learn more
Automatic Wattage Calculator - GIVE IT TRY - IT's COOL
Check if Yes Appliance Running Surge Total Running Total Surge
Hot Water Heater 4500 4500 0 0
Clothes Dryer 6750 8000 0 0
AC (20,000) BTU 3400 7500 0 0
Electric Range/Stove 2100 2100 0 0
Well Pump present? 1700 5500 0 0
Toaster Oven 1500 1500 0 0
Portable Heater 1500 1700 0 0
Refrigerator 1 1200 2700 0 0
Refrigerator 2 1200 2700 0 0
Refrigerator 3 1200 2700 0 0
Washing Machine 1200 3400 0 0
Desktop Computer 1000 1000 0 0
Lights (15 @ 60 Watts) 1000 1000 0 0
Fax Machine 700 700 0 0
Microwave Oven 650 650 0 0
Coffee Maker 600 600 0 0
Forced Air Heat/Cool 500 2000 0 0
Printer 500 500 0 0
Plasma TV 400 400 0 0
Laptop Computer 100 100 0 0
Electric Baseboard Heat 0 0
        0 0
Recommendation: Portable Generator

Another interesting statistic, is that the value of your home can increase by more than the amount you spend on the generator! By adding a whole-home standby generator, you not only insure your home will have the power you need, but you insure your family will be safe and sound - image what that means to a new home buyer!

We will spend the time to help you understand all the options and costs and make sure you are comfortable with your purchase.

Finally, we will be there for you when you need us. Whether it's a simple question, or scheduled maintenance - The Generator Guys will put the POWER back in you life!

Which Backup System is Right for Your Home?

As in everything in life, that depends! Choosing the right backup generator is the key to meeting your electrical needs during an unexpected power loss.

The First Step

The first step is to select the systems and appliances that you would like to use during a sudden or prolonged outage! These include the most obvious ones like the refrigerator, but there are many less obvious ones, like the well or sump pump! - if you have one,we need to back it up so you have water! Don't fret, we will help put together a comprehensive list from our site survey!

Next Step

Once you have decided on the appliances you need during an outage, we need to determine the total amount of power they will require.

This is easy using our Automatic Wattage Calculator at the bottom left.

By Checking the appliance you need, you will then be given a total running and surge wattage and a recommendation as to the type of Generator you need, a Portable or Standby. Obviously the more power you require, the larger the generator must be.

The Final Step

Once we have determined the size of the generator needed, we will make a recommendation as to the exact generator you will require based upon your desired fuel source. At this point you can go to our cost page to determine an approximate total cost, which will be refined upon our free on-site Survey.

Call us now for our Complimentary "Onsite Generator Survey"

WE COME TO YOUR HOME to discuss the comfort level you need during a power outage.

WE HELP IDENTIFY the items you wish to backup, as well as review your current electrical service.

WE CALCULATE the proper backup generator size and show you the different types of generators for your particular needs.



WE PROFESSIONALY INSTALL AND MAKE SURE you know the capabilities and proper use of your system. We make sure that you are comfortable with your new generator and we will be there far beyond the installation to answer any questions you may have and keep your generator running for years to come.

Here are two Great Videos to learn a bit more --
More info about a Standby Generator and how it exactly works -

Even if you bought your generator elsewhere, call us for professional installation!
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