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How Much Will It Cost?

There are a number of factors that go into the total price of a generator installation, but in the most simplistic terms, it is the price of the generator PLUS the price of installation.

The price of the generator is primarily determined by the total kilowatt capacity of the generator, or the SIZE of the unit.

Then, depending on the installation location (distance from the main power panel) and Gas line Distance the degree of installation needed (Concrete pad, gravel or simply placement on the ground), the cost can change.

Watch some of these installations to get a better understand of how it works. You can scroll backwards and forwards at your own pace by clicking on the arrows, and can pause a picture by resting your mouse on the photo. There are only 10 slides, but we tried to capture some of the most important installation options and issues.

  • There are a number of factors that determine the total price of your generator installation
  • Some deliveries are harder than others!
  • Certian upgrades like a concrete pad will cost slightly more
  • unlike a simple boxed gravel bed like this one...
  • ...or even simpler like this one
  • ...and this one
  • Also, distance to the main gas line and the electrical panel affect time and materials needed for the installation
  • Of course then there is the size of the Generator - As this 7KW Standby generator is less expensive...
  • Than this 14KW Standby Unit...
  • And finally the amount of wiring required in the electrical panel can make a difference.....Don't fret we have done many of these... just give us a call!

The Top Selling Generac Packages

Below is a list of our top selling packages (Unit + Installation). THIS IS A TURN-KEY PRICE FOR THE ENTIRE INSTALLATION, ASIDE FROM GAS and PERMIT PRICES, WHICH VARY BY TOWN. Gas installation varies dramatically from propane, to Natural gas so each job is different.

Model & Kilowatt
These are examples - every home is different
an On-site Estimate is required
Generac 9kW Guardian Series

Model 7030
with 100 Amp ATS
with Built-in 10 Circuit
Siemens Load Center

Well Pump Refrigerator Furnace Kitchen Lights PLUS 2 More: Garage Door (Examples only)

Family Room Bathroom General Lighting Living Room Outlets Master Bedroom (Examples only)

Starting at $4,76000

Fully Installed
Generac 11kW Guardian Series

Model 7032
with 100 Amp ATS
with Built-in 10 Circuit
Load Center

Well Pump Refrigerator Furnace Garage Door Kitchen Lights PLUS 2 More: Office (Examples only)

Family Room Master Bedroom Bathroom General Lighting Living Room Outlets Dining Room (Examples only)

Starting at $6,26900

Fully Installed
Generac 16kW Guardian Series

Model 7036
with 100 Amp ATS
with Built-in 16 Circuit Load Center

Well Pump Refrigerator Furnace Garage Door Kitchen Lights Office Alarm System PLUS 2 More: Sump Pump #2 (Examples only)

Family Room Master Bedroom Bathroom General Lighting Living Room Outlets Dining Room 2nd Bathroom 5 Ton Air Conditioner (Examples only)

Starting at $7,45200

Fully Installed
Generac 22KW Guardian Series

Model 7043
with 200 Amp Service Entrance Rated ATS
with Load Shedding
(ask for more information)

Designed to backup a 200 Amp Electric Service AS IS - no transferring of circuits into a sub panel is necessary

The transfer switch also features a load shedding feature which allows you to connect up to 2 Air Conditioners and up to 4 other 240V circuits, which the generator will "shed" or, turn off, should it potentially overload the capacity of the generator.

Starting at $9,56300

Fully Installed
The above turn-key prices are for Standard installations which includes the following:

- Placing and leveling the generator

- GAS will be quoted seperately as it varies dramatically depending on town and type of gas.

- Electrical conduit run of 30 feet or less in length (between ATS/load center and generator)

- Existing Panel should have a free port for the required dual breaker



Careful consideration is given to each and every installation to ensure a safe, permanent, and visually appealing job is done to surpass your expectations.

PERMITS COST VARY BY TOWN, but usually cost $20 per $1000 of total work..

We pride ourselves if providing the customer with an amazing job, coupled with the lowest cost. However, there are sometimes situations where someone else may beat our price. If this is the case, please let us know and we will do our best to meet or beat it, as the bulk of our business is referral and a happy customer is worth their weight in gold, so please don't be shy!!

A good rule of thumb for installations outside these turn-key packages is to double the price of the generator - Which should be your Maximum High Installation Price. Over the years we have noticed that a whole house system will cost between $3800-$5000 for the installation over 90% of the time.

As always, you will know the final "No Surprises" price when we do our site survey - and we will do our best to keep it as low as possible!
We are a proud Generac Dealer and Screened and Approved by Home Advisor! The Generator Guys, LLC Reviews
Couldn't have been easier...
I called The Generator Guys after getting their website from a friend of mine. All the information was well laid out on their site, so I already had an idea what I wanted when they came to my house for the on-site visit. As I expected, the installation was fairly easy, and the cost was a lower than even I calculate.! All in all, it was a nice experience and I would highly recommend them to anyone who calls me! - oh - thy are doing the scheduled maintenance as well
Mike D., Westport, CT
Glad we did not wait any longer!
After this last storm we finally decided Enough was enough! We were out of power for 12 days, a nightmare for us all. We called the generator guys, as i think a lot of people did, as we had to wait for the generator! BUT, when it finally came and was installed, we were very happy! Thank you Generator Guys.
Judy B., Newtown
Did not think we could afford it..
We were putting off the purchase for a couple of years now, as we did not think we could afford a whole house system. After meeting with Kevin and having a site survey, he told us we could get by with the 7kw unit so we had water, heat and a few appliances. This was perfect as the cost was 1/2 of what we expected and it was still a standby unit, not needing any attention upon a power outage. We were very please, and wished we had called The Generator Guys sooner. Thanks Guys!
Noah R., Southbury, CT
Was a nice experience...
We called Adam, had a site survey, he told us the size we needed, he then emailed us an estimate, we paid for it, had it delivered and installed about 5 weeks later, and all was done - Don't know what else to say, but the experience was nice and smooth and went as expected.
Joe R., Southbury, CT
Had it installed for my Parents
My folks are getting older now, and it really makes me concerned about their safety as i live in another state. I call The Generator guys and had them meet my father for a site-survey. My dad was very please with their attention to detail and the fact that Adam asked if he should remove his shoes (as my parent's house is like a museum!) In any case, the price was great and the delivery was a lot quicker than even they thought. It all went smoothly and I feel a lot better knowing that the basics will be backed up during our next storm. Thank again for everything.
James M., Madison, CT (my parent's town)
We ordered a unit elsewhere, but had the guys install it
We bought our Generac on the internet, before we met the Generator guys. They were friendly and had no problem installing our unit. The installed was a bit challenging as our electrical panel had no additional room for breakers, but rather than install a new box, they replaces some breakers with newer thinner ones, saving us a lot of time and money. I appreciated their consideration and concern for my wallet! Everything else was great. I would highly recommend them which is why i agreed to write this review.
Dave J., Thomaston, CT
It really was Turn-Key!
They literally took care of everything. The Permits, the gas line installation and coordination with Wesson energy, the unloading off the truck, the concrete pad (we needed this for a few reasons) and initial lesson! We literally did not have to do anything -- Thanks Gen Guys
Hugh S., Weston, CT
Whole House System
We opted to go with a whole house system as we wanted to have almost everything backed up in case of a long power outage (as we just experienced!). We were expecting to need a 27kw system, but Kevin showed us how a 20KW system with load shedding could do the same thing at a significant savings - i had no idea what this was, but he explained it all to me and showed me how the unit would switch appliances on in a certain order, so it never go overloaded. This was cool and saved us a lot of money! Thanks for being patient (really) and dealing with 1000 questions!
Zhann J., Roxbury, CT
Willow Creek Development Group