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About Us Guys...Us Guys Are The Best!

Our founders have a combined 40 years of experience in electrical contracting, electrical installations and specifically residential generator installations. In addition to experience, we have a passion for what we do and we will make YOU feel comfortable when we come to your home and assess your needs. We love helping customers feel safer and worry-free as to when the next big storm is going to hit!

We are a passionate group of Electricians (Kevin & Adam) and Entrepreneurs (Raj & Jill) who decided there was a better way for a home or business owner to buy a Generator and find a qualified generator installer, knowing that the job would be done safely and correctly, with no surprises and for a price that could not be beat!.

We focus on making sure our customers questions are all answered so they understand everything, and are comfortable with their purchase. We then make sure they know we are there 24/7, as the best compliment we get is one referral after another! We also make sure that there are no surprises. We start with our complimentary on-site generator survey insuring we know everything we need to know in order to give you a NO-SURPISES estimate that baring an act-of-god, we meet!

Take a Moment to Meet The Head Guys...and the Gal.
Kevin Kastelein - ext 101

After being the lead electrician handling ESPN for almost 10 years, Kevin left and founded Kas Electric 22 years ago. Kas specialized in new construction home and commercial jobs, and has grown to be one of CT's most successful electrical contractors. About 4 years ago, Kas started a small division focusing on Generator Installations, and after the recent storms and electrical outages, the division is now the main focus! Needing more managerial talent, Kevin met Adam through Raj about 2 years ago, the rest is history. Together they run a team a professional installers that cover the entire state, and then some!

Robert "Adam" Camacho - ext 102

Adam has deep experience in all our high and low voltage needs including CCTV, smart home technologies and of course generators! In almost every job, there is some part that requires his special skill-set of "getting it done no matter what" - His experience allows us to direct our trades people in an intelligent and efficient manner and allows him to step in and assist wherever needed to avoid delays. His nickname is special Op's as we send him out first, during or last, in order to get the job done.

Raj K. Bhatia - ext 103

Raj couples a degree in Electrical Engineering with an MBA in finance. He is a serial entrepreneur and enjoys using technology to help solve business problems. After working with Kevin and Adam for years as a Real Estate Developer, and admiring their skill, passion and ability to solve most any problem, Raj wanted to use technology and his marketing experience to help them grow their already successful business. In addition, he wanted to create an efficient and informative place for people to learn about Home Standby Generators, and hire professional, reliable and friendly help! - hence, The Generator Guys was born! - You can learn more about Raj at LinkedIn

Robert Fleisher - ext 104

Rob believes that Home Standby Generators have an important role to play in the new world of disruptive weather that we are all living with on an ongoing basis. Combining his corporate experience and an MBA in finance with a desire to build new ventures that provide everyday value to consumers, Rob focuses his efforts on business development. Rob works with the team to create a strong value proposition for any entity looking to enjoy the benefits of a Home Standby Generators. Working with both partners and clients, Rob looks to provide the right solution so that all parties benefit from their relationship with The Generator Guys. You can learn more about Rob at LinkedIn.

Jill Sloane - ext 105

Jill is a successful Manhattan Real Estate Agent and investor. When she heard about the idea for the new company, she was excited to be involved as she too was a huge fan of Kevin and Adam. Over the years, they have helped her with her with many project electrical needs, and most recently with multiple generator installations at her weekend place, Willow Creek Farm. She was so impressed in the manner they handled the entire process that she wanted to tell the world! - She is now our biggest fan and a co-founder. - You can learn more about Jill at http://www.jillsloane.com

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