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Service from the Generator Guys
Service from the Generator Guys
Service from the Generator Guys
Service from the Generator Guys
Service from the Generator Guys
Service from the Generator Guys
Frequently Asked Questions
What is an automatic standby generator?
An automatic standby generator is a back up electrical system that operates whether you are home or away. Within seconds of an outage, it automatically supplies power directly to your home’s electrical circuit breaker box. After utility power returns, the generator shuts itself off and waits for the next outage. It operates on natural gas or liquid propane gas and sits outside just like a central air conditioning unit.
Why should I buy an automatic standby generator instead of a portable generator?
During a utility power outage, an automatic standby generator provides numerous advantages over a portable generator: With an automatic standby generator properly installed outside, your home is protected from deadly carbon monoxide poisoning that is a much greater risk with portable generators. Running on the home’s natural gas or LP fuel supply, it is less expensive to run than gasoline and does not need to be refilled. They start automatically within seconds of a power outage, and eliminate the need to haul a portable generator outside or run extension cords throughout your home. They provide protection 24/7, whether you’re home or away, and they turn themselves off when utility power returns, so there is no need to monitor the unit during an outage.
OK, But can you still tell me about a Portable Unit if I decide to go this way?
Of course! Many people still opt for a portable unit to keep the essential things running - A well pump for Water, the refrigerator and the electrical circuitry for heat (with and oil boiler)! It is a less expensive option, but requires some manual work upon a an outage, in addition to constant refilling of the unit (5-8 hours). If the unit is installed with a transfer switch, a great deal of work is offset and this can be a good option for true emergency power, and cost conscious home owners!
How much will the whole thing cost me!?
In the simplest of terms, the total cost will be the price of generator PLUS the price of installation. Most whole-house standby systems will cost between $3800-$5500 to install, depending on a number of factors. You can see what we mean at our HOW MUCH WILL IT COST Page. We like to tell customers to double the price of the generator, and this should be the high-end for the installation and In most circumstances we come in below this number. Also remember, whether you buy your generator from us, or a home center, CALL US FOR PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION! The Generator Guys will hook you up as we have since 2010.
It seem complicated to figure out how much it will all cost, do you have standard packages?
YES! Great Question! :) We have put together some standard packages that will apply to 95% of the market. These are turn-key prices which include everything but the permit, which will vary by town, and are basically insignificant in the total price. Take a look at our TURN-KEY PACKAGES HERE!
What is the difference between an automatic air-cooled generator and an automatic liquid-cooled generator?
The engines! Air-cooled generators come with engines that use fans to force air across the engine for cooling, while liquid-cooled generators use enclosed radiator systems for cooling, similar to an automobile. Generally, liquid-cooled engines are used on larger kW generators due to the larger engines required for the higher power output.
How do I correctly size a generator for my home?
The most logical way to determine your needs is to envision your home without power. Some outages may be short in duration, while others could last for days or weeks. We have developed a Automatic Wattage Calculator that will help you determine the size needed by letting you check the essential devices while we calculate the running and surge wattage. Then based on this answer, we can help you select the right unit!
What is the difference between running and Surge Wattage?
The running wattage is the total power your appliances use when running in constant state, while the surge wattage is what they use the moment they are turned on. Electric Motors take more power to start, than when running, so this number is important on an automatic unit, as when the unit turns on, ALL appliance start running. There are a lot of new systems that untilize a technology called load Sheding, which will turn appliances on in a specific order, so you will never experience a total SURGE and can size your generator accordingly. We will happy to discuss the various options with you.
What would your family miss during an outage?
With the broadest product line available, essential circuit coverage starts with the economically priced Generac CorePower™ Series. Other systems are available to cover virtually any application: Essential Circuit Coverage – Generac takes the guesswork out of sizing by offering prepackaged Guardian Series generator systems. The generator is paired with a transfer switch containing a predetermined number of circuits based on the generator’s kW power rating. Each circuit is directly connected to a matched circuit on the home’s main circuit breaker panel, providing electricity to that specific appliance or area of the home. For example, ten circuits are supplied for the 8 kW generator. With this system, you could connect (1) lights and TV in the family room, (2) microwave and lights in the kitchen, (3) refrigerator, (4) power to the bathroom, (5) computer and home office, (6) garage door opener, (7) air conditioner, and (8) furnace. Managed Whole House Coverage – You can get more coverage with less generator, up to whole house coverage, by pairing a smaller generator with one of Generac’s Nexus™ load shedding switch options. This creates a managed power solution where non-essential circuits are shed when the generator approaches maximum capacity. They are cycled back on when essential circuits no longer require power, so all circuits receive power at different times. Complete Whole House Coverage – Easily cover every circuit in your home by pairing one of Generac’s larger kW units and the proper transfer switch to provide full coverage. No circuit is ever left uncovered, so every appliance is available every minute.
NO one likes surprises - trust us! This is why we come to your home and assess the situation thoroughly and with the experience of having installed hundred of generators. We then prepare a cost estimate that includes our findings and builds in any contingencies so that you will know what the installation will cost to the penny. In this way, you will be a Happy Customer and we will be Happy Guys!
What is a transfer switch and why do I need one?
A transfer switch is an electrical switch that reconnects electric power source from its primary source to a standby source (the generator). Switches may be manually or automatically operated depending on configuration. An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is often installed where a backup generator is located, so that the generator may provide temporary electrical power if the utility source fails. As well as transferring the load to the backup generator, an ATS also tells the backup generator to start, based on the voltage level on the primary electric supply. The transfer switch isolates the backup generator from the electric utility, when the generator is on and is providing temporary power. Then once the utility power is restored, the transfer switch tell the generator to shut down, and it reconnects the circuits to the Utility!.
Once installed, how do I make sure it will work when I need it?
We program most Generators to do a monthly Self-Test so we know the unit will be working, however, it is a good idea to check the oil periodically and have the unit maintained especially if it had not be run for a while. We offer multiple options on this front -call us to know more.
What do I do when the lights go out?
With an Automatic Generator, NOTHING, the lights and important appliances should come back in within a few seconds. With a Portable unit, you will need to move the unit outside, start it, and plug it into the transfer switch. Then you will need to switch the desired appliances on in the correct order as not to exceed the wattage with the Surge Wattage.
If I previously bought my own generator will you install it for me?
YES, we would be happy to do a Professional installation of your unit, regardless of where the unit was purchased.
What’s the advantage of an aluminum enclosure?
Aluminum enclosures are naturally rust and corrosion resistant. For salt air or high humidity conditions, aluminum is highly recommended to ensure decades of worry free service.
Do they have to be maintained?

Yes, simple maintenance is required. All generators require periodic oil and filter changes to ensure maximum performance for years of reliable service. Preventative maintenance kits are available and we offer annual maintenance contracts for a worry-free ownership experience.We charge $325/year to keep your unit working right! Refer to the owner’s manual for routine maintenance procedures and schedules.

What type of oil should I use?

5W-30 Fully Synthetic - !

What happens if the generator gets overloaded?
Most generators are equipped with overload protection. In the rare event of an overload, the generator’s circuit breaker will trip, disconnecting the unit from the load. Simply correct the overload and reset the breaker in the generator.
If I have a problem with my generator where do I go for help?
If we installed it, we stanbdy it! -- Call us and we will help you with whatever the problem may be!
What is your? "easy" Generator Maintenance plan

We make it as simple as possible for both of us!  There are no contracts! We simple come out twice a year for $325 and use a cc which is one file. We have been doing this since 2010 and now have over 1500 happy maintenance customers!  EASY right?  You will get a paid invoice via email and an email notification prior to our visit every year!  The second visit is a courtesy visit and needs to be scheduled as many people like to have this happen before hurricane season or winter etc.


A red light can happen for many reasons.  Some of these can be cleared easily and unit will start running again and may not encounter the same situation that caused the red light, such as a hiccup in the propane, or low oil (once you add oil).  Here are the steps to take:


  1. Open the top of the generator and write down the error coder you see on the LCD.
  2. Press the OFF button
  3. Press ENTER twice to clear the code
  4. Press MANUAL to start the unit and let it run for a couple minutes.  Once it runs OK and all seems fine, press OFF again.
  5. Press AUTO and the generator will now be in automatic standby mode again


(ON SOME UNITS YOU MAY NEED TO PRESS ESCAPE TO GET OUT OF THE MENU - dont worry, the most important thing is to acknowledge the error code with enter and clear it)

EMAIL us and let us know the error code so we know what the problem was and if it will return.



Not unlike a car, maintenance is maintenance (oil change/oil filter etc) and a repair is to fix something that is wrong (transmission etc).  When you have a red light, we will try our best to clear the light during either a maintenance visit or a visual visit.  If we are unable to clear the red light, this will become a repair and you will be contacted before we do anything. 











The short answer is YES.  Here is why.  Don't call it maintenance,  call it insurance.  Insurance that when you need your unit in the real world, it will work as expected!  When we come out and do a servicing (maintenance), changing the oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs (as needed), and testing the unit is just the beginning!  We check over 30 different points, test the battery for health, clean the terminals and apply anti-corrosive gel, clean the unit, and finally TEST THE GAS LINE FOR LEAKS.  Regardless of whether your unit ran or not for a power outage, over the course of the year and hot and cold weather, things happen.  Things like bug and mice infestation, battery exhustion, cracking and leaking of oil and tubes, and many other issues can begin and beacome real problems if they go un checked.  Here is a great example of a unit that was not serviced regularly but still worked....




In addition, when we regularly maintain a unit, we know that unit and in the event of a RED LIGHT (repair needed) we can attend to the unit faster.  Finally, Generac is now confirming that a unit has had regular maintenance prior to honoring warranty claims.   This is new and very important! So in order to insure your unit will work in the real world, keep it maintained and happy!

We are a proud Generac Dealer and Screened and Approved by Home Advisor! The Generator Guys, LLC Reviews
The Generator Guys are fantastic!!
I absolutely recommend The Generator Guys. The most competitive price and comprehensive business partnership. Unlike most contractors The Generator Guys respond to your call immediately and manage the project from start to finish. The electricians are extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with and thorough
Scott J, East Granby
Highly Recommend these guys
I received 3 quotes when buying my whole house generator. The Generator Guys were the most knowledgeable, and most professional. I bought from them with complete confidence that the job would be done right. I've had the generator installed now for 6 months, it's worked flawlessly, and the recommendations they made saved me time, money, and helped me avoid potential problems. Use these guys, you will be very happy you did!
GBrooksct, Essex, CT
fantastic in every phase of project !!!!
The Gen Guys are a pleasure to work with the guys went through my property and mad detailed notes that only made sense after i received my estimate.... on time ,no mess and everything works as it should ... i would highly recommend them to any body
AdamT, Ridgefield, CT
The last week proved that getting an automatic generator was a great investment. Of course I was out of town when the storm hit and it was nice to know that my family was taken care of. My spouse didn’t have to do anything, then generator just came on a ran great for 5 days. My family could just live their life thanks to the Generator Guys and my Generac.
Erick Brough, Oxford, CT
Couldn't have been easier...
I called The Generator Guys after getting their website from a friend of mine. All the information was well laid out on their site, so I already had an idea what I wanted when they came to my house for the on-site visit. As I expected, the installation was fairly easy, and the cost was a lower than even I calculate.! All in all, it was a nice experience and I would highly recommend them to anyone who calls me! - oh - thy are doing the scheduled maintenance as well
Mike D., Westport, CT
Glad we did not wait any longer!
After this last storm we finally decided Enough was enough! We were out of power for 12 days, a nightmare for us all. We called the generator guys, as i think a lot of people did, as we had to wait for the generator! BUT, when it finally came and was installed, we were very happy! Thank you Generator Guys.
Judy B., Newtown
Did not think we could afford it..
We were putting off the purchase for a couple of years now, as we did not think we could afford a whole house system. After meeting with Kevin and having a site survey, he told us we could get by with the 7kw unit so we had water, heat and a few appliances. This was perfect as the cost was 1/2 of what we expected and it was still a standby unit, not needing any attention upon a power outage. We were very please, and wished we had called The Generator Guys sooner. Thanks Guys!
Noah R., Southbury, CT
Was a nice experience...
We called Adam, had a site survey, he told us the size we needed, he then emailed us an estimate, we paid for it, had it delivered and installed about 5 weeks later, and all was done - Don't know what else to say, but the experience was nice and smooth and went as expected.
Joe R., Southbury, CT
Had it installed for my Parents
My folks are getting older now, and it really makes me concerned about their safety as i live in another state. I call The Generator guys and had them meet my father for a site-survey. My dad was very please with their attention to detail and the fact that Adam asked if he should remove his shoes (as my parent's house is like a museum!) In any case, the price was great and the delivery was a lot quicker than even they thought. It all went smoothly and I feel a lot better knowing that the basics will be backed up during our next storm. Thank again for everything.
James M., Madison, CT (my parent's town)
We ordered a unit elsewhere, but had the guys install it
We bought our Generac on the internet, before we met the Generator guys. They were friendly and had no problem installing our unit. The installed was a bit challenging as our electrical panel had no additional room for breakers, but rather than install a new box, they replaces some breakers with newer thinner ones, saving us a lot of time and money. I appreciated their consideration and concern for my wallet! Everything else was great. I would highly recommend them which is why i agreed to write this review.
Dave J., Thomaston, CT
It really was Turn-Key!
They literally took care of everything. The Permits, the gas line installation and coordination with Wesson energy, the unloading off the truck, the concrete pad (we needed this for a few reasons) and initial lesson! We literally did not have to do anything -- Thanks Gen Guys
Hugh S., Weston, CT
Whole House System
We opted to go with a whole house system as we wanted to have almost everything backed up in case of a long power outage (as we just experienced!). We were expecting to need a 27kw system, but Kevin showed us how a 20KW system with load shedding could do the same thing at a significant savings - i had no idea what this was, but he explained it all to me and showed me how the unit would switch appliances on in a certain order, so it never go overloaded. This was cool and saved us a lot of money! Thanks for being patient (really) and dealing with 1000 questions!
Zhann J., Roxbury, CT
SO Happy we finally got it done
We waited way too long for a backup unit, but after the 2nd recent Noreaster, we were done! We called around and got a few estimates, but the Generator Guys price was great, especially considering the service and availability. They were ready to go, but we got delayed a bit due to the permitting process for the gas and then finally we were done - JUST IN TIME, as the 3rd Noreaster had our entire street out of power for almost 4 days!
Joanne T., Greenwich, CT
Great Experience
From the beginning, our experience with The Generator Guys was positive. Raj was very knowledgeable, clear and detailed with the equipment needed and quotation. Adam and Kevin were on time and very professional and neat when they did the installation. When finished, they went through the equipment in detail. We are very happy with our Generac and The Generator Guys.
schwamh, Milford, CT
Very professional service
Adam, Raj and Kevin were a pleasure to deal with. Very professional installation, courteous and responsive service. Would highly recommend the Generator Guys.
Robbie, Fairfield, CT
Personal service, responsive
We had a number of "generator companies" come out to our house. Adam at the Generator Guys was by far the most pleasant and showed us some creative solutions that will "stretch" our power during an outage. They were not the cheapest (others was not using the same quality materials) but they are the most responsive which is what you need during a power outage and the generator is not running. Will use them at anytime if needed again
vhembe, Westport, CT
Generator Guys are the best!
One terrific company. I would absolutely recommend them - no questions asked. Raj, Adam & Kevin are very professional and knowledgeable.
King120, Monroe, CT
Highly recommend
The Generator Guys had the best pricing. Their service has been excellent. They always respond quickly.
BOSXFN1, Redding, CT
Professional, responsive dealer
Raj and his team are excellent. They did a really nice job on the install. Quote was transparent and they worked well with Town Inspector and Gas Co coordinating install. The follow up maintenance and email communications has been strong and we are into our 2nd full year without issue. I would highly recommend them.
JS106TH, Cheshire, CT
Was A pleasure working with them!Was A pleasure working with them!
My experience with the generator guys was a complete pleasure. The professional job that Adam and Kevin did from laying down blankets where they walked in the finished basement,to the cleanup. They explained everything to us on how it's works in very laymen terms. And to you Raj in getting the necessary gas hookup and permits to get it running. I would recommended to anyone who is looking to have a generator installed to call the generator guys. Thanks Ed Kowalski
Ed Kowalski, Plainville, CT
Great Service and was the best price of all quotes
We got 3 quotes from other highly rated dealers as well - not only was the quote from The Generator Guys the most detailed, with every aspect of the installation being priced, but the overall price was lower than the other two quote. From speaking with them on the phone, to texting them to emailing, it was a fluid real-time situation, and the final installation done by Adam and Kevin was so good, the town's inspector even made a comment. Yes, we highly recommend them, and am glad we used the guys!
OJSTERLING, Ridgefield, CT
Was a Seamless Process
Responsiveness 5 / 55 / 5 Expertise 5 / 55 / 5 Friendliness 5 / 55 / 5 Professionalism 5 / 55 / 5 I called the generator guys as they were recommended to me by a friend and i needed a generator installed for my parents in Madision CT (I live in NYC). From the beginning, everything was seamless. They actually use TEXT and email in real time and I immediately got a call back from Raj after leaving a message. Adam came to the house the next day (My parents live in Madison) and I had an estimate the following day. It was one of three I had received and although it was not the lowest, it was close, but the installation was a much better quality as they put everything in conduits and use high quality wire (not service wire) -- I did not know this but when i compared apples to apples, they were actually lower, for a better job. We went ahead and ordered the unit, which came in about 2 weeks, and then we had to deal with the dreaded town of Madison! Kevin made multiple trips to get the permits for the unit, while Raj coordinated the gas installation. Overall, it took about 5 weeks to get the unit installed, and the job was superb, but most importantly, I did not have to raise a finger - aside from writing a check! My parents were extremely pleased with everything and they even followed up with calls to make sure everything was done to satisfaction. I could not have been happier Thank you!
JamesMc, Madison, CT
Excellent overall
They came when they said they would and did the job for what they said they would. The install was a pretty big job. Nothing I could possibly ever do on my own. I was very happy with them and feel if I ever have a problem, they will be there, which was the main reason I used a full service company, instead of doing the Home Depot route.
SteveD, Ridgefield, CT
We had a whole house generator installed. Very professional guys who know their business. Installation went smoothly as planned. Very helpful.
We had a whole house generator installed. Very professional owners who know their business. Installation (Adam and Ken) went smoothly as planned. Very helpful and courteous.
Robby, Fairfield, CT
Great job!
Raj, Adam, and Kevin did a great job, and were very responsive. Adam came out and did the initial site survey, and to my pleasant surprise, he didn't t try to oversell me on a unit bigger than I needed. So, I received an estimate and we were off and running. I had a bit of a problem initially, since there seemed to be no propane dealers in my area who would rent tanks for generator use only. Well, Raj did the research, made the calls, and found a propane dealer who would rent tanks to me for the generator. Raj sent some of his guys to dig the trench for the propane pipe and electrical conduit. Adam and Kevin installed the unit beautifully. They handled the permits, were there for the inspection, and took their time teaching me how to use it. I would highly recommend The Generator Guys LLC to install your unit!
MikeDT, Shelton, CT
Very professional, nice and a great job!
Adam came to my house and walked the property and house with me. He made great suggestions as to where the generator should go to minimize both the electrical length and gas length so as to save money. I got the estimate the next day and we were off! It took a bit longer than we thought for the whole installation as our town required a zoning permit, which took an additional 2 weeks, but once were done, the job Adam and Kevin did was beautiful and there were no issues with the inspection. They even followed up with a call a week later to make sure all was good. I am very happy with them, and already recommended them to a friend.
JamesS, Redding, CT
Super Professional and Responsive Service
it is important to have both a reliable machine, as well as an installation and service team that you can trust to be there to ensure that the machine will keep running smoothly over the years. The team is also very good at keeping the client updated and informed. I recommend the team at the Generator Guys without reservation.
lowerfairfieldcounty resident, Fairfield, CT
Tremendous Experience
The Generator Guys worked exceptionally hard to make sure every aspect of our installation went well. The site survey, discussing installation options, performing the installation, teaching us how to use the unit, and then resolving any issue - no matter how small. Highly recommend them.
Happy Customer Joe, Granby, CT
These guys are great!
Turnkey operation. They took care of everything. We highly recommend these guys.
Pie, Old Lyme
After the 3rd Nor'easter
We finally had it and called The Generator guys. Raj and Adam were a pleasure to deal with and the price was excellent with the service we received! I highly recommend them!
Kristen, Roxbury, CT
Great Maintenance Program
We did not get our unit installed by the guys, but they take great care of our machine, coming out twice a year for $325 - The best part is that they are always available, by email text or cell - it's great to be able to reach someone right away!
Doug, Westport, CT
Raj, Adam and Kevin: My sincere thanks to you for the great service, efforts and, of course, patience shown in this project. The work was as promised, professional, neat, clean and done with both care and concern for the customer. In addition, the extra effort made and taken are well appreciated and noticed. I am sure that you have multiple customers who serve as references and I am most willing to do the same. Further, there is no better comedy act that Adam and Kevin at the job site. Seriously, great people to work with and have at your residence. Raj, you are the calm in the storm.
Gary R, Fairfield, CT
The Generator Guys have been great to deal with. From installation to routine maintenance to service, they are always responsive and professional. I highly recommend using this company for your generator needs.
ABARAN, redding
It started with a call to Generac on a Saturday and Adam came to my house the first thing on Sunday morning. He took lots of time to explain to me how everything will work, from ordering, installing and maintaining. I was very impressed. When I had questions I would email or text Raj and there was always a very quick response. I had absolutely no issues at all and I would highly recommend “The Generator Guys” to anyone considering having a generator to backup electrical loss. In closing I would just want to send thanks to Adam and Raj. I know I have an annual maintenance coming soon and I look forward to dealing with both Raj and Adam. One last thing to the Generator Guys! If you ever need a referral for potential customers, you know I will tell them exactly how it is! I doubt you will need referral once you talk to them in person. Special thanks to “The Generator Guys” from me! Thanks Again.
Ralph, Torrington
Wonderful Installation
To all of you @ The Generator Guys.. Wonderful installation experience, response and services are exceptional! short story.. within months of the install, my wife was walking the dogs, came inside and noted that there was an engine running next to the side of the house. I laughed, rolled my eyes and said "the TV still work?" she hesitated and said " no way!" " How long has the power been out?" " 2 days"... more laughter! Happy end to that story! Thanks for a job well done! Anthony from Guilford
Anthony, Guilford
Robert, Raj: Congratulations on being named officially “elite”…although you Generator Guys proved that to us with your performance In completing our project last year…coordinating with utility and other contractors to get your job done . All landscaped and snugged In near the new construction it just sits there and WORKS …quietly and efficiently. Ginger and Bill
Bill, Madison
Great guys!
Raj Let me tell you how thankful we are that we contracted with you and your guys to install our generator! They are the nicest, most polite and professional fellows. You completed the job in the time frame given and we really appreciate that.
Pat, Oxford
Honest and responsive
The Generator Guys are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. The process was incredibly easy and efficient. Adam, Raj and the entire team have the requisite knowledge, skill and experience to provide generator selection and installation from start to end without issue. The Generator Guys are customer service oriented and sensitive. They provided honest advice, did not oversell and performed as and when promised. Questions and concerns were addressed immediately and with the focus of providing an efficient and cost effective solution to any problem encountered. The Generator Guys earned and deserve my top rating.
Gary F, Ridgefield, CT
No issues whatsoever!
Couldn’t be happier with their service. We shopped around before we got a generator installed in our house. They provided us with a competitive quote. It was a smooth process from start to finish. Raj handled the ordering of the generator and the coordination of installation. We were promptly informed when the generator was received. Adam and Kevin installed it within a day. They even recommended a reliable and economical company to install the gas tanks. Their service is excellent. We would recommend them to anyone who is hoping to install a generator. No issues whatsoever with the product or installation so far. It’s been almost an year since installation.
Kumarini K, Fairfield CT
Great pleasure to recommend
It is with the greatest of pleasure that I recommend the Generator Guys, who are the absolute best in every way. When I bought my house in Ct. last year, I encountered four Nor'Easters in a row and one power outage without a generator. The Generator Guys came to my rescue and were extremely helpful, pleasant, and available throughout the process. They showed a great deal of patience and answered all of my many questions, which were ongoing until completion and even after. I'm looking forward to a safer and more secure future this Winter thanks to Raj., Adam, and Kevin. I recommend them highly.
Carol K, Weston, CT
Amazing Experience
This company is high quality. They are communicative and promptly respond to texts, email, and phone calls. The owners are extremely knowledgeable about generators, how they physically work with the house/building, and what the most economical and efficient plan is for each home. Generator Guys will give you peace of mind during an emergency.
Casey S, Wilton, CT
Highly Recommend
The Generator Guys were not only competitive, they were patient, informative, and very responsive to all of my queries. They helped coordinate with the gas company, town inspectors and the contractor that I hired to bury the tank. I had researched other options, but I am very happy that I chose the Generator Guys, and would recommend them highly.
Katie B, Newtown, CT
Excellent Service
The Generator Guys installed our generator 2+ years ago and both the installation and maintenance of this generator have been seamless. It is one of the best decisions we have made for our family. They not only service our generator but they installed and maintain a generator at my elderly aunt's house in Southbury as well. Excellent service and follow up. Couldn't be happier!
Nicholas P, Ridgefield, CT
Great Communication
These guys are the best. I have no other providers for my home of any discipline that are as client focused as they are. They provide a great product and surround it with great service and excellent communication.
John G, Cheshire, CT
Trustworthy and great!
These guys are amazing and trustworthy and that says a lot. I highly recommend them!!!!
Cynthia D, Danbury, CT
Always a great experience from providing an estimate to great customer service, no one does it better. After losing power for a few days during the spring storms we had a slight issue with the unit, Adam spent a few days monitoring it to determine the problem, he would even drop by if he was in the area to check on the status. We are very pleased with the Guys!
Brian M, Ridgefield, CT
Great Communicaton
I had my 22k Generac installed 2years ago and these “guys” did an AWESOME job!! Friendly, knowledgeable and talented!!! Cant say enough good. About them. They answer the phone and or texts and are MORE than willing to help you!! Thank you guys!!(Adam)
Tom C, Thomaston, CT
Friendly and knowledgable!
Very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful guys! They willingly helped my husband with generator questions/problems after the tornado this year. Because of that experience, we had them perform routine service maintenance/cleaning of our generator - they did an awesome job!
Emily M, Ridgefield, CT
100% Pleased
In the Spring of 2017 we contacted the Generator Guys using their website at night to price having a whole house standby propane fueled generator installed. Adam contacted me the following day and we met with him later that day. He told us the options that would meet our needs and the next day we received a detailed estimate. Once the Generator Guys received the Generator from Generac they contacted us and arranged a day to install it, a Transfer switch, wire hook ups and main panel wire modifications. Adam and Kevin were professional as well as leaving the house and property in excellent shape. They also handled the communications with the propane company for the installation of an inground 500 gallon propane tank and it’s hook up to the Generator and our propane grill. The Town of Southbury approved the installed system. This spring (2018) Adam performed the Generator service ( no issues and changed the oil). The Generator worked flawlessly during the 72 hours we were without Eversource power as a result of the May 15, 2018 Southbury Tornado. To Sum up the above: We are 100% pleased with their work, the products they sold, Adam, Kevin, Raj and their services. David and Sheryl Lipman.
David Lipman, Southbury, CT
Walked us through every step
Very professional and timely, happy to have found them and walked us through every step of the way
Andrew B., Ridgefield, CT
The guys got it done and made it happen, in spite of a delay from Generac with generators. Adam and Kevin were great with the installation and Raj kept us in the loop all the way. This last storm was the icing on the cake, when the unit worked in real time for over 8 hours! THANK YOU GUYS!
P. Johnson, Newtown, CT
They exceeded our expectations by far!
The Generator Guys provided and installed a generator for my elderly mother ahead of schedule and as estimated. Their team was was professional, responsive, patient to explain everything well and their workmanship was excellent. My siblings and I live out of state so we were depending on them to manage permitting and communication. All in all, the Generator Guys exceeded our expectations and most of all we appreciate how kind they were to my 86 year old mother.
Elizabeth, Ridgefield, CT
Punctuality, Responsiveness, Quality, Value
The Generator Guys. They'll order the best generator made, install it and be there to service it. Need propane hookup? They arrange that too. Everything is clearly explained; work is performed in a timely, expert fashion and follow up service is guaranteed. Unlike lots of other companies, they don't abandon you once the initial setup is done. They are a constant resource. Good guys, good service, good product.
George, Sandy Hook
Excellent all around
Great company, great products, great service. Delivered the expert friendly service we hoped for. The generator they installed works perfectly. We hardly notice when there's a power outage in the neighborhood.
Tom, Sandy Hook
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